Miracles All Around Us – Part 1

At the request of Carina Rivas a couple of months ago I gave a few comments on the many miracles and blessings in my life. I had been thinking about and discussing this with my wife for many months. 

I want to tell you, I have had a life that amazes me, with many miracles and blessed events. This is not about me, this decision is about the Lords hand in our individual lives. Some of those miracles have been lifesaving, all have been life-changing. 

During preparation for that earlier presentation, I was talking to a young man who was a teenager in the 1990s with some challenges. He asked the question: “I don’t remember you as religious, What happened?” My answer was, “I are older.” That answer came to me in a flash. I am now looking back at events that were not just luck or circumstance but acts of divine intervention. 

As brief background, I was adopted 9 days after birth, by dysfunctional parents; However, Thank God I was adopted and not a victim of abortion. I never knew the man who adopted me until I got a driver’s license at 16. My mother was over protective, over fed me, and over dressed me in slacks and dress shirts. 

My life was blessed with two father role models who were members of the Grand Junction SDA church. Pathfinder leader, Jim Dunn, that my mother trusted would take care of me because he was a doctor. The Pathfinder events were the first time I was able to get out of the house. Anther individual by the name of Ward Studt offered my my first job outside the house and became a father role model that touched my life. He bought me my first jeans. I would have never went to college if it were not for those two men. 

I graduated from PUC, White Memorial Medical Center, and Loma Linda University, as they had. Neither my role models or I were chapter and verse students of the bible.  In this discussion I want to share with you a few blessed events that God is real and the Lord has a plan for our lives, if we will let him. I will be discussing two types of miracles that we witness from the hand of God. Short term/near immediate and amazing results – as in how could that have happened that way? Only by a miracle of the Lord. A series of events linked together over hours, days, or even years that end up shaping our lives or lives around us for some preordained reason.

(This is part one of multiple parts from a lengthy article Ed submitted about Miracles in his life. We’ll continue next month with the next section from his 2,000+ word submission)

Publishers Note:

Ed has been a friend of the mine since around the time the paper started. He was an advertiser with Diamond Flight Center, and then started submitting nature articles and “In our Backyard” articles for the next many years. He submitted holiday articles, thoughts on nature, and so forth. Just a couple weeks ago, we found out his kidney failed and he only has a few months to live. 

If you would like to make a donation that will be passed on to his family to cover any expensees please venmo  @ChrisABaird and it will be sent to his daughter. If you have any questions reach out to me via 801-477-6845.

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