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Have you ever wondered how to turn kids into the heroes of their own stories? Well, after teaching thousands of kids for the past 15 years, I have developed a roadmap for you – it’s called the Hope Hero’s Compass!

Here are the directions:

1. Connection:

Start with a big smile, throw in a high five, and make sure your vibe is welcoming because the truth is, kids won’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. Build that connection, and you’re setting the stage for something magical.

2. Communication:

Kids want to be seen, heard, valued, and appreciated, and one way to do that is to have open communication. Ask them things like, “Do you want me to listen or to listen and respond?” Give them the space to open up, and watch the conversations shift in a powerful way.

3. Confidence:

Believe in those kiddos! Let them know they’re capable of anything. It’s OK if they “fail” at something because that’s where the growth happens. Let them spread their wings, and watch their confidence soar when they realize they are capable.

4. Courage:

Share your own struggles by being real about life’s ups and downs. You’re not aiming for perfection; you’re taking steps every day toward progress. This not only assures kids that they’re not alone, but also empowers them by offering them the strength to open up, take action, and face their own journey with bravery.

Now, here’s the big dream of The Hope Hero Foundation: We aim to proactively prevent teen suicide by equipping every kid with resilience, courage, and self-belief right from the get-go. That way, when life throws a curveball, they’re ready to be the heroes of their own stories.

Resilience isn’t about bouncing back from adversity; it’s about bouncing forward and moving through situations with hope and purpose. We can raise resilient, confident, and courageous kids who understand their own strength because of the challenges they have overcome. It is time for a change. Together we become heroes. Together we are saving lives and building bridges of connection. Together we are changing our communities and healing through meaningful conversations to build confidence in our children. Now is the time to proactively empower our kids and families.

Join us in catching kids before they fall and helping them become the heroes they’re meant to be! 

We are having a party with a purpose to celebrate this mission, and it will be held at the Red Sneaker Gala on Feb. 3 in Syracuse, Utah, at Warehouse 22. 

Get your tickets at ( and let’s make a difference together! It’s going to be a night of hope, empowerment, inspiration, fun, and dancing – all for a great cause. See you there!

 If you missed this event or simply want more information visit

Submitted by Elysia Butler of the The Hope Hero Foundation.

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