Oasis Art and Learning Center in Springville offers experiences for all abilities

In July of 2019, TURN Community services opened “Oasis Art and Learning Center” at 451 S. Main St. in Springville. Oasis serves as a weekday gathering place and education center for people with developmental disabilities to learn new skills and create together. 

Oasis was established to serve individuals in south Utah County, from communities such as Springville, Santaquin, Payson, Salem, and Spanish Fork. The Oasis staff empowers people with disabilities to grow and deepen their sense of identity through art and learning activities that include: painting, drawing, sculpture, music, dance, photography, and other fine arts. Oasis is one of TURN’s 15 operating art / day centers in the state, and one of five here in Utah County.

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Sometimes, when artistic opportunities are reintroduced to adults, they describe having new and fresh experiences, even “a second childhood” of exploration and creativity. But some people have never had the opportunity to “be an artist” and, as an adult, may be introduced to the fine arts for the first time. This is the context behind TURN’s philosophy and vision for their Art Centers.

TURN staff and volunteers explore ways of introducing music, movement, and mixed media art to adults who have typically had limited opportunities for creative expression. Often, the people served by TURN have also lived with limited opportunities to choose and make even simple decisions. TURN believes that the more we value and have high expectations for the people served by the agency, and the more personal control that is given them, the greater will be their life satisfaction and their willingness to try new things. Program participants are free to express themselves rather than just doing things the way they’re told. With some guidance, the Oasis artists are choosing unique projects, colors, and art mediums, and are proud to identify themselves as artists.

Service and Employment Opportunities

Over the years, Oasis has received donations of a baby grand piano as well as drums and a variety of percussion and rhythm instruments. We welcome any further donations of musical instruments, percussion, or artist’s supplies. TURN also likes to make active use of the local arts and volunteer community and, as such, is looking for artists and musicians who are willing to teach or assist in painting, music, voice, dance, theater, sculpture, and other arts classes and projects. Come and lead a drum circle! Oasis is also a perfect place for musicians to come and play for a very appreciative audience!

TURN employs over 400 full- and part-time workers throughout the state to provide instruction, supervision, and mentoring to its service recipients. For positions in direct support, no experience is necessary, and all training is provided. In Utah County, TURN employs about 70 people, and there are always open positions. To apply, go to our website at www.turndreams.org, call 801-343-3900, or visit TURN’s Utah County office at 1921 N. 1120 W. Provo.

TURN Community Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was founded by parents in 1973 to create alternatives to institutions for their children with disabilities. In 50 years, TURN has grown to provide services to over 750 individuals throughout the state of Utah, offering a full range of residential, employment, day services, summer camp, and family support and respite services.

Oasis Art and Learning Center is located at 451 S. Main St. in Springville. Come be inspired by people who overcome significant obstacles every day and produce magnificent creations in the refuge of Oasis!

By Dave Hennessey

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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