Utah Valley Rides Seeking Volunteers to Transport Seniors

As we age, the specter of financial insecurity looms larger, compounded by health concerns and diminishing mobility. Many seniors find themselves grappling with the question: Will my life’s work sustain me through the twilight years? Utah Valley Rides steps in to alleviate some of these worries, offering transportation services to seniors facing limited mobility options.

Utah Valley Rides fills a crucial gap, providing rides for medical appointments, shopping trips, and visits to senior centers, offering a lifeline to those who can no longer drive themselves. This vital service hinges on the dedication of volunteer drivers, whose generosity and compassion make it possible. Some have been volunteering for over six years, forging lasting connections with the passengers they serve.

Our service thrives on the dedication and generosity of volunteers like you. If you find joy in driving and connecting with others, we invite you to join our team. Rest assured, our vehicles are user-friendly, and we offer comprehensive training and background checks for all prospective drivers.

Ideally, we ask volunteers to commit to one day a week or every other week, dedicating at least four to six hours of their time. However, we understand that everyone’s schedule is unique, and we’re flexible in accommodating various availabilities.

Ready to make a difference in your community? Take the first step by calling 801-471-0601 to sign up as a volunteer. Your contribution will not only provide essential transportation for seniors but also create meaningful connections and experiences for both you and those you serve.

Current Service

Each of our transit vehicles is specially equipped to accommodate one wheelchair or power chair, along with several passengers, ensuring accessibility for all. Our services are available once a week on Tuesdays, covering the cities of Springville, Mapleton, Spanish Fork, and Salem. Similarly, on Thursdays, for American Fork, Pleasant Grove, and Lindon.

We also service Orem and Provo on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our schedule runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., with pickups scheduled every half hour, ensuring prompt and reliable transportation for our valued passengers.

To sustain our operations and continue providing this essential service, we suggest a donation of two dollars per ride, though any contribution is greatly appreciated. Your support helps us maintain and expand our fleet, ensuring that no senior is left without access to the transportation they need.

Future Service

With future grant funding and the dedication of our volunteer team, we will expand service coverage soon. Our plans include deploying three vehicles daily to serve Orem and Provo, ensuring more frequent and accessible transportation options for seniors in these areas.

Additionally, we will have one vehicle dedicated to serving the communities of American Fork, Pleasant Grove, and Lindon daily. Another vehicle will cater to the residents of Springville, Mapleton, Spanish Fork, and Salem every day.

Moreover, recognizing the critical importance of healthcare access, we are expecting to introduce a dedicated vehicle for healthcare transport. This specialized service will cater to individuals needing to travel across two or three service areas for medical appointments, ensuring timely access to vital healthcare services.

With these planned enhancements, we’re committed to fulfilling our mission of providing safe, dependable, and inclusive transportation options for seniors across our region.

For more information:  unitedwayuc.org/utah-valley-rides/

John Chase
John Chase
John Chase is a retired Master Navigator settling in Utah after a 22-year career in the United States Air Force. He spent his last four years working from an Embassy in the Middle East. Working with and leading people from all over the world has given him perspective and acceptance of the variety of cultures existing in the world. He lives with his wife and near family.

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