Utah State Junior Livestock Show Prepares to Celebrate Its 100th Year

The annual Utah State Junior Livestock Show is one of the most anticipated events in Utah. This year, there’s even more reason for excitement as the show preps to celebrate its 100th anniversary. In honor of the momentous occasion, event planners are working hard to ensure this year’s show that is scheduled to run from April 30 to  May 4, is both unique and unforgettable. 

The Utah State Junior Livestock Show has grown from its humble beginnings in 1924 to become one of the largest and most celebrated shows of its kind in the area. Participants come from all over the state and nation. This year, show organizers plan to have around 450 participants, so the competition will be intense. 

To be eligible to compete in the Utah State Junior Livestock Show, participants must become members of Utah 4-H or FFA clubs. They must also own their show animals for a certain time period before competing. Participants are eligible to begin showing animals in the junior livestock show when they turn 8 years old. They may continue showing animals through their senior year of high school. 

Participants can choose to compete in any of the following show categories: breeding, market class and showmanship. The breeding category is reserved for female breeding animals. The market class category is where the animals are judged based on their ideal weight, muscle composition, and other factors that determine market readiness. The showmanship category is where the participants and their animals are judged based on various showmanship factors. 

Many volunteers donate countless hours to ensure the Utah State Junior Livestock Show continues to live up to its long, celebrated roots. Darran Smith is one such volunteer. She’s been on the Junior Livestock Committee for about four years. This year, she’s stepped into the role of Chairman of the 100-Year Committee. 

Smith’s family has been involved in the Utah State Junior Livestock Show for multiple generations. Her kids continue to compete in the show. When asked why she chooses to donate so much of her time to the cause, Smith explained, “I’m just a believer that if we don’t hold onto every bit of agriculture we can, we are going to lose it. We need kids who know how to work hard and who know success and how to think of someone else other than themselves.”

Many of the other stock show volunteers and their families are also multi-generational participants. None of them get paid, but they do it because they love the cause and the kids. 

“It’s one of those things that gets in your blood and it’s what you do,” Smith passionately explained.

This year, the livestock show committee has planned a few special events in honor of the show’s 100th year. They’re partnering with Tabitha’s Way and the Utah Farm Bureau to hold a food drive service project. The Utah Farm Bureau has pledged to match all of the service project food donations pound-for-pound. 

Additionally, the 100-Year Committee plans to announce a new scholarship program that is open to any senior in the stock show. This is a perpetuating scholarship program that will continue for the next 100 years. The scholarship is flexible and can help kids get a good start on their future. Whether they want to go to a tech school, become an entrepreneur, or start their own livestock breeding program, the scholarship program is intended to help them achieve their goals. 

The 100th-year celebrations will kick off at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30, and will begin with the opening ceremony and scholarship distribution announcements. Show participants and attendees are also welcome to purchase commemorative buckles and keychains honoring the special occasion. More than 200 buckles have already been sold. To order, visit the following link: (Commemorative Buckle Order Form), or find the link on the order form on the Utah State Junior Livestock Show Facebook page.

 Orders must be placed by May 10. There will also be 10 limited-edition buckles auctioned off at the event, along with other donated prizes. 

Smith encourages Utah residents to come check out the 100-year celebration of the Utah State Junior Livestock Show. With all of the special commemorative events, donated prizes, and special announcements, she promises that “It’s a year you don’t want to miss!” Smith invites anyone with questions about the show to contact her at (801) 400-2473. 

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