Springville-Mapleton Chamber Present Business BINGO 2024

The Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with member businesses, is delighted to present the highly anticipated 2024 Business BINGO event for elementary students in Springville and Mapleton. Excitement is building as BINGO cards are set to be distributed to all local elementary schools before the end of the school year in May. Businesses are gearing up to participate, offering a fun and engaging opportunity for students to connect with the local business community.

For families residing in Springville or Mapleton whose children may not receive a bingo card through their school, are homeschooled, or attend another educational institution, digital copies of the bingo cards will be available for download on the Chamber’s website at www.springvilleutahchamber.org/business-bingo. In addition, a limited number of physical cards will be accessible at the municipal offices of Springville and Mapleton.

Business BINGO represents a no-cost initiative organized by the Chamber and supported by its business members, designed to foster relationships between students and parents and participating businesses. It serves as a platform for young learners to engage with local enterprises, discover the services they offer, and build connections within the community.

Beginning on May 28, students and parents are encouraged to visit the various participating businesses listed on their BINGO cards. By completing tasks corresponding to specific bingo squares at each establishment, participants can achieve a “Blackout” on their cards. In cases where an address is not provided, individuals are advised to visit the business’s website or contact the listed phone number for additional details.

This event presents an excellent opportunity for students and families to familiarize themselves with the diverse array of businesses within the community and gain insight into their offerings. While visiting these establishments, attendees are encouraged to engage with business owners, inquire about their services, and deepen their understanding of these integral community partners. Adult supervision is recommended throughout the duration of the event.

Completed cards are to be submitted in the designated collection boxes located at the Springville City Offices and at the Chamber Booth during Art City Days. To be eligible for the prize drawing, all completed cards must be deposited by 3:30 p.m.  on Saturday, June 8. The prize drawing will take place that same day at 4 p.m., and a designated representative for the winning family/child must be present to claim their prize. 

Join us in embracing the spirit of fun, learning, and community engagement through the 2024 Business BINGO event!

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