Harnessing the Benefits of Creative Play

When Skylar and Julie Spainhower realized their children were becoming increasingly addicted to “screen time,” becoming more aggressive and less open to socializing, they realized it was time to make some changes at home.

“We have introduced our children to washable paints that help them focus on creativity,” said Skylar, who fondly remembers watercolors and play dough sparking creativity as a child. “Always keep some cardboard boxes on hand … even creating time where they get bored often leads to them creating costumes and acting out characters.”

To raise awareness about the roles creativity and innovation play in human development, the United Nations designated April 21 as World Creativity and Innovation Day. Many families consider ways to infuse creativity into their daily lives to help support their children’s emotional, social, and physical development.

Julie, who lives in Springville, says that she has found resources on the benefits of creative play on her church’s website. 

“The Bible-based article outlines how imaginative play can benefit children and practical ways parents can encourage creativity in their home,” said Shammah Cline, spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

For example, parents can provide opportunities for creative play by allowing their children to spend time outdoors in nature. Additionally, the article and church state that passive entertainment choices such as a phone, tablet, or TV, should be limited for children. These findings are backed by pediatricians who recommend that children under two should have no screen use and children between ages two and five should have a one-hour maximum of daily screen use.

In addition, parents should carefully determine if too many extracurricular activities are depriving their children of free playtime and causing stress.

The article “The Benefits of Creative Play” can be accessed for free on jw.org, which features practical Bible- based content for families in more than 1,084 languages.

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