Johnson Tire in Springville Celebrates 100 Years of Business

To Riley Johnson, being an owner of Johnson Tire Pros in Springville is about so much more than repairing and installing tires.; it’s about giving back to a community that has supported his establishment for generations. This year, Johnson Tire Pros celebrates its 100th year of business. During that time, it has changed locations on three occasions but has always stayed within Springville city boundaries.  

As a fourth-generation owner of Johnson Tire Pros, Johnson is proud to continue the family legacy. Johnson started working at the shop in ninth  grade and said he has never felt the need to get another job. He is heavily invested in seeing his family’s tire shop continue to succeed. Johnson and his cousin, Jeff Jackson, are 50/50 owners of the shop. They work hard to make sure every customer who walks through their doors gets the quality service they deserve. 

After working at Johnson Tire for nearly 30 years, Johnson has come to love the community. Customers come from all over the county and are supportive of small businesses. That type of loyalty can be hard to find, and Johnson is very appreciative. He gratefully acknowledges that the company wouldn’t be where it is today without support from the local community. 

The appreciation is clearly mutual. People love the care and attention they receive from the hard workers at Johnson Tire. Online reviews consistently mention the quick service and honest work customers receive from the beloved tire shop. 

Each customer is more than just a dollar sign to Johnson. 

“I always say business is about relationships,” he said. “You need to develop that relationship first, then everything else will come.”

  In addition to all tire-related services, Johnson Tire Pros offers mechanical services like tune-ups, alignments, and timing belt replacement. The shop currently has 22 employees who aim to provide exceptional service with a smile. They know many of their customers by name and enjoy the small-town environment they get to work in.   

In honor of its 100th anniversary, Johnson Tire Pros is giving something away to a lucky winner at the end of each month. In April, they gave away a Yeti cooler and some gift certificates to local businesses. At the end of June, they plan to give away a couple of sets of tires. 

Anyone who wants a chance to win can stop by the shop at 610 N. Main Street in Springville and ask for a ticket. There is no purchase required. The company appreciates it when people like their page on Facebook or Instagram, but doing so is not required to get a ticket.  

On June 7, the tire shop will celebrate its annual “Johnson Tire Days.” The event occurs during Art City Days and gives Springville residents and visitors one more thing to look forward to that week. During Johnson Tire Days, community members who stop by for lunch will receive free hot dogs, drinks and chips. In 2023, the event attracted about 500 people, and the tire shop is hoping for even more visitors this year. 

From its humble beginning in 1924, Johnson Tire Pros has come a long way. Johnson’s great-great-grandfather started the business by renting a bench at Phillip’s Garage (before it became Legends Motorcycle). He would certainly be proud to see how successful the shop has become in its current location. 

That success is largely thanks to the leadership of Johnson and Jackson and those who came before them, as well as the great employees who work tirelessly to serve customers efficiently. But the bulk of the shop’s success comes down to the loyal customers who support it. Without them, Johnson states, “We wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t have lasted this long without the community and the support we’ve had from everybody.” 

Shellie Peterson
Shellie Peterson
Shellie Peterson is a mom, wife and freelance writer. She currently lives in Santaquin with her husband and daughter. In her spare time, she loves to sing, read, write and spend as much time as possible camping.

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