Colleen Davis


What Grandma’s Doing While Quarantined

It is wonderful to know our local grocery stores have special times for the customers 60 years and older and high risk people as described by the CDC to get food.

Community Action Services offers help and opportunities for volunteers

Now, to guard against spreading this virus and adhere to social distancing guidelines, volunteers are actively preparing boxes that are being distributed to clients based on their family

Maybe We Can Make America Great Again

The panicked rush on all the major (and minor) grocery stores in the state the day after quarantine measures were announced nearly destroyed my faith in this country.

Breathing Easy While Trapped Inside

Poor indoor air quality can cause many symptoms similar to COVID-19, leading to a lot of unnecessary worry and discomfort.

Teachers make Herculean effort to keep students in contact and engaged while apart

Teachers, aides, and other staff at CS Lewis Academy pulled together in a Herculean effort to create “Curriculum on the Go” buckets for every family to allow students to continue their

Home and Fun Expo postponed until late May due to coronavirus

At the request of the Utah Governor, due to the world situation with Coronavirus, and increasing exposure in Utah; we felt it necessary to adjust our Home & Fun Expo previously scheduled

Saying goodbye, after 49 years of service

On March 18, Losee, a personal banker at the Spanish Fork branch, said goodbye to a nearly 49-year career with Zions Bank.

Libraries serve as community centers to transform lives

Springville Library has provided books, entertainment, and safe haven to thousands of patrons of all ages and backgrounds for nine years.

Mapleton Floral and Gifts named business of the quarter

The Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Mapleton Floral and Gifts was selected at the Business of the Quarter by the Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce.

We’re all in this together

In the wake of unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 and the resulting quarantine, Mercato’s Savory Fund, along with portfolio restaurant founders from Mo’Bettahs Hawaiian Style

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