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Jones selected as teacher of the month

Jakenzie Jones was recognized as the March Teacher of the Month for American Leadership Academy.

Challenging times have many worried about their financial future

n today’s challenging times, Edward Jones financial advisors are thinking about the health of their clients, their families and their colleagues, what’s happening in their communities and

Mayor Presents Youth Awards

Every seat was filled at Springville’s City Council Meeting for the Mayor’s Youth Award presentations. The award recipients were being recognized for their incredible stories of being

Viewpoint Frozen-Frozen: Coming to the Defense of Hans

I watched Frozen II recently, and honestly, I was disappointed. The makers of Frozen II promised the audience a redemption arc of Hans, the good guy who turned out to be the villain in the

Viewpoint Movies-Not All R Rated Films Are the Same

Growing up in an LDS family means trying to always do things considered spiritually uplifting or simply spiritually safe. This, of course, carried over into the world of entertainment

Viewpoint Music-We Must Find the Music for Children

Imagine a world where you walk into any room in any building, and everything is silent. Occasionally, you hear typing on a computer or a quiet voice whispering to another. However, the

Feed Utah aims to take a bite out of hunger

Scouting for Food, the nationwide annual food drive, will now be known as Feed Utah 2020 within the state and is scheduled for March 21.

Springville makes plans to select its Art Royalty

The Springville Art Royalty is a tradition at the art museum that’s been around for almost a hundred years. When it first started in the 1920s, the art royalty was chosen by children

Payson/Santaquin Business of the Month

Parkway Health and Rehab opened in 2009 to provide 24-hour skilled nursing care and specialized rehabilitation services on a short and long-term basis.

Santaquin company helps people prepare for Mother Nature’s worst

We all love Mother Nature. Face it, she’s awesome! She provides great scenery, amazing flowers, butterflies, and rainbows.

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