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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


James Davis

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The Agony of a Long Goodbye

My family struggles with goodbyes. They seem unable to complete this simple task in under 24 hours. I feel I have failed them in...

Welcome Back to School!

In a year where the unprecedented has become commonplace, returning to the classroom this fall is, well, unprecedented. For many parents, students, and teachers, facing...

Surviving COVID

Like businesses everywhere, when the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the nation, Mountain West Animal Hospital in Springville had to make radical changes to its...

Love, Heartache, & Hope

Sometimes, from the depths of despair, comes a glimmer of hope that things can be different. The Lomax family knows something of despair and are...

The Squeegee Boys

They have been friends since high school and are now partners in a growing business providing a service for a task few people want...

Teen Authors Boot Camp provides inspiration for young people in love with words

Writing is a lonely endeavor, but inspiration is often a crowded room. A combination of the two can lead to magical places. Founders of the...

Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers celebrate successful first year

Mike Rasmussen doesn’t worry about customers in a bad mood, because he seldom sees them. “I deal with people in love all the time. Who...

Communities rally to lend a hand as we face a new reality

The world is perhaps united in a common cause; slowing the spread of COVID-19. And while governments scramble to organize a response and the United States government passes more than

Spring Creek Mortuary employees strive to help families in their time of need

A funeral home is unique in that it’s the one place no one wants to visit, but everyone knows they will, eventually.
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