Saturday, June 25, 2022


Old School Social Media with a Purpose

Serve Daily is a community newspaper with a simple vision. It is right in our title: Serve Daily. Provide service, big or small, to...

Nebo Cycling Provides Exercise Outlet for Riders of all Abilities

There’s a lot of benefit to exercising in a group and Nebo Cycling can help fill that need. Nebo Cycling is a bicycle club based...

An ‘Extreme’ Sport Finds its Niche

Extreme sports often have a way of morphing into other extreme sports, and such might be the case with dry tooling, a niche sport...

E-Edition: May 2022 – Issue 120

Serve Daily is packed full of amazing local articles about people who serve, people who perform, and more. Find opportunities to serve, events to...

Payson couple finds joy, heartache, and inspiration with the birth and loss of their firstborn

A tiny little boy who lived 33 days will be changing lives forever. He started with changing his parents, Abraham and Britney Boekweg, and even...

Springville’s Brown Art Gallery Hosts Art Show ‘Common Roots’ in May and June

The Brown Art Gallery in Springville will host an art show “Common Roots” from May 25 to June 25.  A reception to meet the artist...

Libraries are a Reflection of the Community

Dona Gay has been a mainstay at the Payson Library since 2013. For the first four years, she worked as Youth Services Librarian, then...

A Joke a Day Keeps the Dismay Away

You’ve heard it before – a Penny saved is a Penny not going to hell. That’s what Penny told herself anyway. You may remember...

Costa Vida Spirit Nights in May

We are Costa Vida, we would like to support our community by helping our local high school and elementary school. We want to enrich...

Spanish Fork City’s 2022 Spring Cleanup 

Spanish Fork City’s Spring Cleanup event will be held from April 26-May 8. Take advantage of the chance to dispose of green waste and...

Nebo School District’s Dragon Pantry serves community

Landmark High School, with the help of Nebo School District Student Services has been running a community pantry to help people in need since...
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