Charitable Cause

Easter Seals searching for volunteers

The Easter Seals program is looking for senior volunteers to help with some of their partnership organizations. If you and to put a little jazz...

Juab County honors volunteers through Big Hearts and Helping Hands program

The previous year was a year of change for many. We discovered that our residents started looking for ways to serve; checking in on...

Merit Academy fundraiser aims to provide desperately needed resources for students in Kenya

It is Merit Academy’s 10th anniversary helping our sister schools in Kenya, Africa.  In 2011, Merit teamed up with Kenya Keys, a nonprofit organization committed...

Wheels with Heart searching for someone in need of a car

At Dickerson Automotive, we are looking to show some love in our community through our Wheels with Heart Program. We currently have a car...

Love, and Serve Daily

Local business and charity join forces to help the community they serve Throughout 2020, many companies, people and communities felt the impact of a shifting society...

Feeding the Stomach and Soul through Community Gardening

They say sharing is caring, and for Keri Beirdneau, participating in a community garden might just be the epitome of sharing.  Community Action Services and...

Charities Find a Way to Help During Pandemic

Due to complications from a global pandemic that took the world by storm, 2020 presented some challenges for charities.  Many of the normally scheduled food...

Chairbound Sportsmen set their sights on the year ahead

Due to COVID-19 several fund-raising events were cancelled, and new funding was down about 25 percent over 2019, but the Chairbound Sportsmen Organization did...

Community members rally to help Hondurans displaced by hurricanes

In November 2020, Honduras was battered by two hurricanes—one a category 4 and the other a category 5.  Hurricanes Eta and Iota created paths of...

Woman strives to financial stability in midst of pandemic

When Lucia Leon first moved to Utah from Venezuela in 2014, she needed a little help while she was getting on her feet, so...

Local Food Pantry is on mission to make life easier

Tabitha's Way Tabitha’s Way is a local food pantry that was founded in 2010 by Wendy and Jody Osborne. It all began because Wendy Osborne...
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