Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Arts & Entertainment

Springville’s Brown Art Gallery Hosts Art Show ‘Common Roots’ in May and June

The Brown Art Gallery in Springville will host an art show “Common Roots” from May 25 to June 25.  A reception to meet the artist...

Libraries are a Reflection of the Community

Dona Gay has been a mainstay at the Payson Library since 2013. For the first four years, she worked as Youth Services Librarian, then...

Payson Community Theater’s Upcoming shows!

Payson Community Theater is pleased to announce the upcoming shows for our 2022 season. SUMMER NIGHTS will be at the Peteetneet Amphitheater (10 South 600...

Movie review: ‘The Adam Project’ hits its mark on several levelsBy Kelly Martinez

Time travel, comedy, and family drama are at the heart of Netflix’s “The Adam Project,” which, for a straight-to-streaming movie, has a lot of...
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