Arts & Entertainment

AMC review: ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead premiered on AMC on Halloween night in 2010. Based on the popular graphic novel series of the same name, the show...

Payson Community Theatre brings local community together both on and off the stage

When it comes to stage productions, Payson Community Theatre holds itself to a high standard. The local theater has had almost 55 years to perfect...

Santaquin Library honored with “Making A Difference” Award for 2022

The Santaquin Library was recently honored as one of ten libraries in the state with a “Making a Difference” Quality Library Award for 2022....

‘Andor’: not quite must-see TV

Some have said that since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas in 2012, the entertainment giant has produced way too much...

Krampus is Coming to Town!

What do you get when you combine Saint Nicholas, a monster, and seven naughty children (played by adults)? A night of thrills and laughs! This...

Add Music to your Child’s School Experience, You Won’t Regret it

A Whether your children attend public or private schools, or if you chose to homeschool them, music instruction should not be overlooked. There are...

Give the gift of Family Connection & Better Communication

I know you want what’s best for your children, just as our parents wanted what was best for us, and did the best they...

The Peteetneet Train Show Has A New Conductor

After over 25 years, Doug and Irene Lamb have stepped away from the annual Peteetneet Train Show, making way for another wave of train...

Festival of Lights celebrates 30 years

For the past 30 years, the city of Spanish Fork has held its annual Festival of Lights, which is a month-long event showcasing Holiday...

Can you navigate hidden paths?

By Daniel Poaletti Imagine you’re on a treasure hunt where you’re given a clue that contains some type of puzzle. Once it’s solved, you’ll be...

‘The Redeem Team’ a good hoops watch

Basketball has long been one of the few Olympic sports where Americans expect greatness, so what happens when USA Basketball is anything less than...
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