Health & Fitness

Can you navigate hidden paths?

By Daniel Poaletti Imagine you’re on a treasure hunt where you’re given a clue that contains some type of puzzle. Once it’s solved, you’ll be...

Salem High School cross country team holding 13th annual ‘Witches Run’

On Oct. 29, the Salem Hills High School cross country team will hold its 13th annual “Witches Run” to raise funds for the team. Jennifer...

Stay on Track this Summer by Choosing Healthy Alternatives

Summer is fast approaching. Grilling, warm weather, and even outdoor fun is on the horizon! Though it can sometimes be challenging to stay on...

Nebo Cycling Provides Exercise Outlet for Riders of all Abilities

There’s a lot of benefit to exercising in a group and Nebo Cycling can help fill that need. Nebo Cycling is a bicycle club based...

An ‘Extreme’ Sport Finds its Niche

Extreme sports often have a way of morphing into other extreme sports, and such might be the case with dry tooling, a niche sport...

Is the USFL the real deal or a knockoff?

For many, the football-less blues kicks in shortly after the end of the Super Bowl in early February and last until the waning days...

Spring has Sprung, So Get Out There!

Springtime has arrived and summer is right around the corner!  The warmer weather gives us more opportunities to practice healthy habits. Getting outside is also...

When setting goals for the New Year, it’s important to set ones within your reach

The city of Spanish Fork recently received a grant from Utah League of Cities and Towns in conjunction with Intermountain Health Care to promote active and healthy living in the community.
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