Outdoor Life

Outdoor Adventure: Ice, Mixed & Dry/Tool Climbing

Human powered action sports or human powered alternative sports, are usually characterized by high speeds and high risk. These sports can include; mountain biking,...

Here’s what you need to know about fees proposed for recreational areas along Nebo Loop 

Rumors have been spreading that there will be a toll imposed for visitors of Payson Canyon, causing many drivers to worry about the cost...

Payson Native Competes at Olympic Trials

Courtesy photo Summer Allen with her husband, Christian, and their baby. It was the ending to a dream season that Payson native Summer Allen didn’t think...

Parks are the perfect place to socialize your toddlers post-pandemic

It was a sight unseen for what seemed like forever. Kids were playing at a splash pad — like, lots of kids were playing...

Chairbound Sportsman Experiences More than a Buffalo Hunt

Chairbound Sportsman events are always about more than the hunt or fishing trip for a physically handicapped civilian or retired military individual.  They are always...

Birds of a Feather

One of the largest migrations of snow geese takes place right in our backyard One of the largest annual migration visits of snow geese in...

Ranch brings thrill of the hunt to life for enthusiasts

You are probably familiar with the large non-flying bird native to Australia called an emu. They can be six feet tall, weigh 80 to...

Kindness Rocks Help Spread the Joy of Creativity

Growing up, I had few people I could call “best friends,” but I was blessed with a “best cousin.”  We saw each other only a...

National Parks Week may be impacted by events in the world

By proclamation of President Donald J. Trump, on April 20, our nation celebrates National Park Week with fee free entrance and a variety of special programs. This year National Park Week

Sophomore studies on and off the field to be his best

For the past six months, Anderson Brown has been writing features on student-athletes, and as his mother, I have enjoyed watching him immerse himself in learning about other athletes and sports.

Spanish Fork River a treasure to be explored, even in the winter

Who would have thought that taking a kayak on the Spanish Fork River on a chilly winter evening would be my most coveted outdoor activity?
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