Spanish Fork Rotary Supports Sub for Santa

The lights are strung, the snow is sparkling all around, and there’s a bit more cheer in peoples’ countenances. It truly is “the most...

Springville grandma puts on holiday display with over 50 varieties of dinosaurs

Holiday decorations come in all varieties, but we bet you haven’t heard of the dino variety. Then, again, if you had the chance to drive...

Juab County Ranch offers a chance for families to live off-grid through a co-operative community model 

Many families in the state are ditching the rat race, rush-hour gridlock, mortgages and utility bills in exchange for life in a rural, cooperative...

How one family is bringing new life into historic town of Helper 

The city of Helper has a new family in town that is taking Main Street by storm – well, maybe not storm. More like,...

Springville-Mapleton Chamber:Battle of the Pizzas

On December 13, the Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce held its annual Battle of the Pizzas. The event was created when former Commerce executive director Shirlene...

Drive-thru dining at Costa Vida in Spanish Fork

Greetings! Welcome to the inaugural installment of this new feature which delves into the dining options here in south Utah County.  Food reviews are a...

New staff at Springville City

Some big changes in leadership at Springville City  have taken place at the Museum of Art and at the Justice Court. Emily Larsen has been...

Payson Community Theatre brings local community together both on and off the stage

When it comes to stage productions, Payson Community Theatre holds itself to a high standard. The local theater has had almost 55 years to perfect...

Payson Station Area Plan – Public Visioning Workshop

UTA and Payson City are developing a new community plan around the future UTA FrontRunner Station in northern Payson. The development of a new...

Addict to Athlete is changing the how many recover from addiction

Sitting on a folding chair in a freshly painted room, Coach Blu holds a card in his hand. He looks around the room and...

Letter From The Publisher – January 2023

Hello Community, I have continued on the short journey, and on that journey, my goal, was to do one Act of Kindness a day. Achieved it.  I...
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