Spanish Fork News

Nebo Community School open for Winter 2023

Nebo School District has opened enrollment for its Community School classes that will begin in January. This is an amazing opportunity to expand your horizons...

Meet Pete Hansen: The man behind the ‘Serve Daily’ Lens

Have you ever looked at the cover photo of Serve Daily and wondered about the man behind the lens? Surely those pristine photos didn’t...

Park Elementary Teacher Wins “Most Valuable Educator’ Award

On November 15, fifth grade students at Park Elementary in Spanish Fork got a surprise visit from the Utah Jazz Bear. And while the...

Local Veterans of Foreign War provides service, support for veterans, their families

Returning home from active military duty can be a daunting endeavor for many veterans, but that’s where theVeterans of Foreign War (VFW) comes to...

Krampus is Coming to Town!

What do you get when you combine Saint Nicholas, a monster, and seven naughty children (played by adults)? A night of thrills and laughs! This...

Spanish Fork High School boys basketball, police department provide community with night of fun

Basketball is more than just a game at Spanish Fork High School. The school’s varsity basketball team has used its preseason scrimmage as a means...

Festival of Lights celebrates 30 years

For the past 30 years, the city of Spanish Fork has held its annual Festival of Lights, which is a month-long event showcasing Holiday...

Special Education teacher receives award for excellence

Nate Melton, a special education teacher at Maple Grove and Spanish Fork High, was recognized at the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD)...

Nebo School District gives Award to SFHS educator

Hashtag Award! No, not #award, but an actual “Hashtag Award” was given to Spanish Fork High School’s PR Ambassador Seth Spainwater. This award is given...

Local Family Seeks Help For A Medical Service Dog for Young Daughter

I have lived in Spanish Fork since 2003. I married my husband Preston in 2012 and welcomed our oldest daughter Hannah to our family...

Spanish Fork Gun Club offers unique shooting experience

There’s a lot that goes into making the Spanish Fork Gun Club a must-visit among trap shooters. The shooting facility sits along the slopes of...
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