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Easter Seals searching for volunteers

The Easter Seals program is looking for senior volunteers to help with some of their partnership organizations. If you and to put a little jazz...

Satellite Food Pantry arrives for community of Springville

The Kiwanis Club of Springville has collaborated with Community Action Services and Food Bank to bring a satellite pantry to Springville.  Mountainland Headstart has provided...

Local businesses thrive through pandemic with The Potluck

There’s no denying the impact COVID-19 has had on the restaurant industry.  Nationally, total sales for 2020 were $240 billion lower than the pre-pandemic forecast,...

Honoring Local Women Veterans

What do you think of when you hear the word Veteran? For most people, they see the elderly gentleman with a baseball cap that...

Heroes Who Perform the Most Thankless Job in the World

No one decides to become a mother so she can get recognition. The truth is, motherhood generally doesn’t come with accolades, awards or bonuses...

A Mother’s Love and Sacrifice

When I was young, my family was not well off financially. In addition to not having much money, very little of our money was...

Grant Helps Single Mom with Rent after COVID Daycare Closure

Earlier this year, Gina (alias), a college student and single mom with two kids, didn’t know what she was going to do.  She’d used all...

Payson intersections receiving much needed stop signs

The city of Payson is experiencing growth at a rate the city has never seen before, and due to that growth, is getting some...

Month of May selected to focus attention on mental health awareness

Life is full of ups and downs, right? All of us have experienced positive feelings and the negative.  For example, maybe you get a promotion...

Art show displays artists imaginings of a ‘Heavenly Mother’

Art published in the Boys’ and Girls’ Guides to Heavenly Mother will be on display in an exhibit at Writ and Vision (274 West,...

Resources Available to Help Renters Ready to Buy a Home

Think you’re not ready to buy a house? It might be much more possible than you imagine. That was the case for Elaina and Wesley...
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