After tragedies from addiction, survivors collaborate to help others

During the past few years Serve Daily has published many articles about Ryan Stream. Many of our readers are familiar with the story of...

Your Family Could be Eligible for Pandemic EBT!

Pandemic EBT is a federal program intended to make up the cost of free or reduced school meals that families would have received while...

Achiever Preschool closes after 36 years

Achiever Preschool of Spanish Fork is closing its doors after 36 years. The preschool was started by Beverly Anderson. The first three years she worked...

Aviation enthusiasts gather for breakfast and to discuss future events at airport

The Spanish Fork Airport Manager, Cris Child, not only manages the airport for Spanish Fork, but he is also a pilot and aviation enthusiast. He...

The Secret is to Give and Receive

By Danie Davis The common phrase of “there is always give and take” just doesn’t sit well with me anymore. I will explain why. In the...

Life as a Fashion Consultant isn’t Easy

I have two daughters, ages 12 and 5. Their Mom keeps them well-supplied with nice, cute, clothes. When they coordinate those clothes properly, how their...

Finally Accepting that I Might be a Hoarder

By Casey Wood “Okay, why are we keeping this empty box?” asked my wife as we were packing our things.  We had just bought our first...

Organization fulfills dreams of chair-bound hunters

The Chairbound Sportsman Organization of Springville has been arranging hunting and fishing events for the physically handicapped for 10 years and I have covered...

Social Distancing or Social Awkwardness

Social distancing shouldn’t be that hard for me. Why? Because there’s not much difference between social distancing and being socially awkward, and I’ve been...

Jessica Lindley named Nebo School District Teacher of the Year

Jessica Lindley, a teacher at Foothills Elementary, was named teacher of the year for the Nebo School District. Lindley serves as the special education team...

Local teacher selected for Excellence in Teaching Award

Ten Utah educators received top 2020 teaching honors UEA/dōTERRA Excellence in Teaching Awards to be presented at the KeyBank ‘Superstars in Education’ Banquet.  Nebo School...
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