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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Macey’s celebrates grand opening in Santaquin

After decades of wishes and rumors, Santaquin finally has a grocery store.  Macey’s held an official grand opening ceremony on Sept. 23. The ceremony started...

Finally Accepting that I Might be a Hoarder

By Casey Wood “Okay, why are we keeping this empty box?” asked my wife as we were packing our things.  We had just bought our first...

We’ve Come to Take Normal for Granted

Pondering the meaning of normal brought me to the reality of the current challenges to our world during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cruising the Loop

The Nebo Loop Scenic Byway is still a spectacularly beautiful drive. The 37-mile drive takes about one to two hours, depending on how many times you stop for pictures.

Thoughts on Zion – The Two Faces of Humility

As a people interested in fleeing Babylon and building Zion, we need to thoroughly understand the similarities and differences between pride, the foundation of Babylon, and humility, which leads

Thoughts on Zion: Seeing the Two Faces of Pride

If we are truly interested in fleeing Babylon and building Zion, we need to thoroughly understand the similarities and differences between pride, which moves society towards Babylon, and humility

Thoughts on Zion: Replacing Pride with Humility

Along our journey here in this column, we came to conclude that: 1. “Babylon” is any culture that has incorporated pride-based beliefs and customs into its social organizations, such as families,

Thoughts on Zion: Both Babylon & Zion have cultures

The ideas shared here opened my eyes to see Babylon and Zion much more clearly and helped me better understand how to move from the former to the latter.In his General Conference talk in April 20

Thoughts on Zion: Seeing through the lens of humility

Before exploring something both Babylon and Zion have in common, let's take an even closer look at two conclusions we came to in a previous column: “Pride is the stepping stone to Babylon” and “H

Thoughts on Zion: The Stepping Stones of Pride and Humility

By Jesse Fisher As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are under covenant with God to establish Zion. We are also under divine direction to flee Babylon (D&C 133:12

Thoughts on Zion: Babylon and Zion as Opposites

And Elder D. Todd Christopherson said, “The antithesis and antagonist of Zion is Babylon”, which we’ll simplify here as “Babylon is the opposite of Zion.”It should also be obvious that the opposite of

Thoughts on Zion: LDS leaders speak on Zion’s timing

There are several statements by members of the Seventy and by one apostle that all indicate that Zion is to be built by the Saints before Christ returns. Here is one:"The establishment of Zion sh

Thoughts on Zion: Reviving Lorenzo’s stepping stone to Zion

Early LDS leaders taught that the New Jerusalem Zion would be built before Christ makes his triumphant return. Some of us (or our children) will be called upon to assist in building the New Jerus

Thoughts on Zion: How do co-ops help build Zion?

Some may be unaware that early LDS leaders taught that co-operatives were a means of uniting the Saints economically and preparing them for their eventual return to build the New Jerusalem Zion.A

Thoughts on Zion: Five Myths About Building Zion

By Jesse FisherIn my decades as a member of the LDS Church, I have heard and read several myths about establishing Zion. Two through five are easily refuted by a casual reading of "Great Basin Ki
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