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Thoughts on Zion: Crossing From Babylon to Zion

Over the last eight columns, we've reviewed teachings of the early LDS leaders regarding Babylon, Zion's “antithesis and antagonist”.They taught: - We live in Babylon, both spiritually and econom

Thoughts on Zion / We Must Overcome Babylon’s Traditions

By Jesse Fisher Early LDS leaders taught that the Saints had brought Babylon's follies with them to Utah and that, in order to build the prophesied latter-day Zion, those traditions had to be rep

Thoughts on Zion: Have we left Babylon behind?

By Jesse Fisher During the early 1870s, LDS leaders spoke about how the Saints left 'Babylon' for Utah. Have we left Babylon behind us?“We are living in that eventful time, and the Lord has set h

Thoughts on Zion: Clinging to Babylon Prevents Zion

LDS leaders during the 1870s were teaching the Saints that they could never reach their goal of establishing Zion in the Utah Territory if they kept “clinging to Babylon”. One leader hinted that

Thoughts on Zion: “And great must be the fall thereof”

By Jesse Fisher Last time we saw from quotes given by early LDS leaders that Babylon is the false organization of society. Let's look now at those same brethren's teachings about Babylon's fatefu

Thoughts on Zion: Overcoming Babylon’s greed

By Jesse FisherIn the April 1873 General Conference, President Brigham Young pointed out another value of Babylon, Zion's opposite, that the Saints have yet to overcome – avarice, the insatiable

Salem Jr.’s Amy Huhtala honored by Teacher Feature

Amy Huhtala, a teacher at Salem Junior High School, was surprised by KSL and Zions Bank recently as their Teacher Feature of the week.Huhtala received season tickets to the Hale Center Theater, a

Early leaders determined to build a Zion in Utah

By Jesse Fisher In this 50th “Thoughts on Zion” article, we're exploring the determination by the early LDS apostles and prophets to establish a Zion in Utah.We start out with my favorite Brigham

How Brigham Young responded to his recession

By Jesse Fisher As mentioned, Brigham Young and other LDS leaders said the Mormon cooperative movement of the 1860s was a stepping stone to the United Order – celestial-level economics. President
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