Missionary Who Lost a Leg Gets Free Hunting Trip

logan bagley
Chairbound Sportsment hunter Logan Bagley bags 2 turkeys. Photo: Ed Helmick

In 2011, while in Brazil on an LDS Mission, Logan Bagley lost his left leg in an accident. He always had a flair for adventure and met up with the Chairbound Sportsman Organization at the Western Hunting Expo earlier this spring. During the Chairbound Sportsman Banquet, May 4, a one-day Turkey and Ram Sheep hunt at the Big Mountain Ranch was auctioned off. The high bidder was Tony Thurber, a long-time supporter of the Chairbound Sportsman activities. Tony then donated the turkey and ram sheep hunt to the Chairbound Sportsman who in turn selected Logan Bagley of Tooele, Utah as the beneficiary of this free hunting experience. Logan has been excited to go on this new adventure which occurred Saturday, May 25.

Logan Bagley
Photo: Ed Helmick

It was a beautiful Saturday after a week of rain and Logan and has wife Dixie found their way to Kelly Prestwich’s Big Mountain Ranch in Elberta, Utah. Tony Thurber and his brother Rod were there with his ATV to assist in the hunt that he had donated. Kenneth Vaughn brought the Chairbound Sportsmen Action Track chair for Logan to use. The first event of the day was a little target practice on a shooting range the Kelly had set up near his ranch house. One shot satisfied everyone of Logan’s marksmanship ability.

Then, the hunting party moved out to the hunting area a little over 4 miles from the Big Mountain Ranch House. The first objective was a turkey hunt for Logan. Using a turkey call, several birds responded but could not be seen for the heavy brush. The hunt went on, then a turkey head popped up, only to disappear again. Now, our turkey hunter knew he was in the right neighborhood and just had to position himself for a clean shot. Thanks to the mobility of the Track Chair, Logan worked his way around the brush to get his shot. He got two turkeys, one that weighted 21 pounds and another that weighted 18 pounds.

Logan Bagley with his trophy Corsican Ram Sheep. Photo: Ed Helmick

Now it was time for the Corsican Ram Sheep hunt and Kelly Prestwich had already briefed the hunting party that a trophy ram sheep was in the area. After more than an hour searching where Kelly thought the animal would be, the hunting party got a glimpse of a ram head. While Logan was setting up his rifle on a tripod the ram sheep stood up, looked at the hunters, and disappeared in the trees. It was a beautiful animal and the hunters spent another hour searching for another glimpse of the ram. When he was finally spotted again, Logan was ready with the rifle on his tripod after a short walk on crutches from the track chair. After patiently waiting for the ram to be in position for the best shot, the animal was brought down with one shot at 120 yards. Logan Bagley thought he had lost the ability to ever hunt again but discovered on this day that his passion for hunting can be obtained. Logan said that he does not want to live vicariously through anyone. He said he realizes he can live with the challenges and have new experiences for himself, Congratulations Logan Bagley.