‘I was Served’: Spanish Fork Citizens share moments they received service

i was served
Jamie Farr's family sells tie-dye shirts to raise money for her fight with breast cancer.

The other day, I was walking the aisles of Deseret Industries in Spanish Fork with my 9-year-old daughter. My husband was on the other side of the store with our 18-month-old son. Together, we were dividing and conquering as we looked for some clothing items to fill in the many gaps in the wardrobes of our nine growing children on a small budget.

Out of nowhere, a store sales clerk came up to my husband and I, holding back tears. He told us that a man had walked into the store and said, “I have $50, and I want to give it to that man over there (pointing to my husband) for whatever he needs.” That man didn’t know us or our situation, but he felt the urge to serve, and he did. We are so grateful to that man, whoever he is. 

Once again, I can say that “I was served” by the people of this wonderful community, and I’m not alone. Five citizens of Spanish Fork shared the following moments when they received service:

Brittney Knudsen, served by elderly neighbor

“My wonderful neighbor is elderly but every snowfall he plows our sidewalk, driveway and walkway all the way up to our door for us. He makes my life so much easier having to lug around three toddlers by myself while my husband works. It’s nothing huge,but so appreciated!”

Emily Shaw, served by teenage neighbor

“My teenage neighbor has been caught on our camera putting our garbage can to the curb as well as another neighbor’s for three weeks in a row! He is so kind!”

Kristi Wilkins, served by family in need

“I was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. So many wonderful people have served us. Our next door neighbor and his 9-year-old son are mowing our yard this summer and they also have a 7-year-old son with Leukemia. Amazing people!”

Carrie Ward, animal shelter

“I work at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. We hold several low-cost vaccination and license clinics from spring into the fall. We could not do this for the community without volunteers donating time and talents to help. They are truly appreciated!”

Jamie Farr, breast cancer sufferer served by family and community

“I have recently been diagnosed and started treatment for breast cancer, and I have had so many people step up to serve me, and it has been the hardest, most beautiful part.

“All my coworker friends came and cleaned my house, and hired a maid to keep it tidy. A guy who had never met me but heard about me made a nice cash donation. My mother, mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-law all helped keep my five kids entertained for a few weeks. My church friends have spoiled me with meals. A friend ordered some silicone bracelets and sold them for a fundraiser. My neighbor watched my kids when I need time to recover, and has also started a fundraiser selling jewelry. My dad has been making tie dye shirts to sell for fundraisers. My sister-in-law is also selling nice screen printed shirts. My work is being very flexible and letting me work as much as I can, and letting me leave if I’m not feeling good, and put me on salary so I don’t have to worry about hours and money. My husband has also stepped up to the plate and will chaperone me anywhere my little heart wants to go.

“My goodness, listing them all leaves me in absolute awe of all the love I’m surrounded with. My journey has had more positivity surrounding it than negative, and I am doing great because of it.”

I was served.

“I was Served” is a monthly column that highlights acts of service in our community. If you have been the recipient of service and would like to share, send your experience(s) to [email protected]