Roping teens caught doing good at a local park

roping teens
Two teens teach roping to children at a Spanish Fork ballpark.

On June 18, 2019, Spanish Fork resident, Randi Fano took to the Spanish Fork Community News Facebook page to publicly thank some young men who had provided some service to her children at the baseball park. More than that, she thanked the parents of the boys for raising what she called, “Incredible young men.”

“To the parents of the cowboys hanging out at the ballpark tonight: You are raising incredible young men!” Fano wrote in her Facebook post. “We were walking through the parking lot when two boys invited my kids to come learn to rope with them. They were incredibly patient and kind. They even sent us home with two of their ropes. I’m sure they don’t know the impact they made on two little kids, but my son was beaming the whole ride home with his rope in hand. I didn’t get any names, but you should be very proud parents.”

The post as of June 26, has received 819 likes and 53 comments — one of which was Mikayla Baum, the mother of one of the young men, 19-year-old former Maple Mountain High School student, Wyatt Baum.

“I’m the mother of the young man in the cowboy hat,” Mikayla Baum wrote in her comment. “His dad and I are incredibly proud of him. Thank you for your kind words.”

Serve Daily reached out to Mikayla Baum, and she reiterated how proud she was of her son, who she said was just doing what he loved: roping and sharing that love with others.

“We ride and rope together as a family every day, and Wyatt and some of his friends hang out at the park or meet up to go other places to rope together,” she said. “Wyatt is so caring and soft-hearted. He’s a very good man and is always ready to help and always wants to be a good influence and help those who can. We love him very much.”

Wyatt Baum declined to comment, but told his mother that he was just doing it to be a good man, and not for any type of recognition.

On behalf of the community, Serve Daily thanks Wyatt Baum and his friends for their kindness and service.