Brookside Elementary students charmed attendees and Nebo School Board of Education

brookside elementary
Brookside Elementary students sing at the Nebo School Board meeting. Photo: Nebo School District

Members of Brookside Elementary charmed attendees at Nebo School District’s September board meeting with their musical talents.

brookside elementary
Jennifer Roper
Photo: Nebo School District

Jennifer Roper, Chairman at Brookside Elementary, talked about the impact technology has made on teachers and students.

Through the use of trust lands money, iPads have been introduced to kindergarten, first, and second-graders, Chromebooks are used in grades three through six, intervention technicians work one-on-one with students to enrich education, and the school’s computer lab is open to students every morning before school.

Brookside Elementary has also used some of the trust lands money to send teachers to conferences in the summer, encouraging them to share what they learned upon their return. Brookside pays for substitute teachers to give teachers more time to plan how to integrate arts in education.

Through the use of technology, students have practiced writing and editing skills, participated in interactive math games, read online texts, taken virtual field trips to Egypt, and have used Google Slides to express their visual creativity.

Accompanied on the piano by Ann Gallagher, Tammy Evans led a group of Brookside Elementary students in singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and their school’s theme song. Everyone learned that there is definitely “plenty of sunshine” at Brookside Elementary School.