The Power to Learn

power to learn
The Power to Learn helps build self-esteem.

By Julie Hall for My Story Mattes
The My Story Matters lesson we are introducing for May is the Power to Learn. In this lesson, students list all the things they already know. They explore what they want to know or learn and they discover how they can learn what they want. This lesson also teaches that mistakes are not only good but they are a must in the learning process. But many students view learning as hard and challenging. Failure often defeats young self-esteems and progress is halted.

But there is a way to help.

One of the principles taught in the Power to Learn section is the power of the word “YET”. As we observed one of our first-grade classes exploring their power to learn we were taught the power behind a small and simple word—YET. There are many things in life we don’t know how to do—YET.
When we add that simple word behind all of our “I can’t” statements it gives us lots of opportunities to learn, to observe, to fail, to try again, and eventually to succeed. Using the word YET gives our brains permission to acknowledge what we do not know how to do without a- if I can not do it now, I never will- mentality.

So armed with this power, our challenge to you as Summer begins is to utilize the Power of YET. See how it changes your mindset and how you learn. Start with just one thing you can not do and work towards achieving it. Amaze yourself with the number of new skills and new knowledge you acquire. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish by using this small and simple word-YET.