Friday, September 23, 2022

Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers celebrate successful first year

Mike Rasmussen doesn’t worry about customers in a bad mood, because he seldom sees them.

“I deal with people in love all the time. Who doesn’t want to deal with people in love all day?” Rasmussen said.

The owner of Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers in Spanish Fork, Rasmussen has spent his life creating beautiful mementos for his customers to express their love. It’s a family tradition spanning 135 years. He is the fifth generation of goldsmiths in the Rasmussen family. His son, Talon, is the sixth generation.

Rasmussen learned his craft from his father, and after spending most of his adult life doing custom design only, he opened Rasmussen & Co Fine Jewelers in May of 2019. While they have showcases full of beautiful jewelry, the father and son team also fashion custom jewelry for their customers. 

Rasmussen said 80 percent of their bridal orders are custom designed, and the jeweler is unique among many jewelry stores because the custom work and repairs are all done on site.

“We’ve had an amazing first year and We’re grateful to Spanish Fork and the support we’ve been given,” he said.

The Rasmussen family originally immigrated from Denmark, where they were clockmakers, but they did their work as a side business. Rasmussen said it was his grandfather that devoted his career exclusively to being a jeweler.

He opened his own store, Rasmussen Jewelers, in 1961 on Main Street in Spanish Fork and later closed it due to purchasing a store in Laramie, WY. Which later became an independent chain of seven stores throughout the southwest. 

“My grandfather was doing custom work before it was a thing. His birthday was May 8, so we chose that date to open to honor him,” he said. 

Mike’s parents currently operate the jewelry store in Laramie, WY, but plan to retire this summer. Mike and his wife, Stephenie, will take over the Laramie store for them.

It’s About Love

Mike Rasmussen

Rasmussen & Co Fine Jewelers motto is “It’s About Love,” and Mike said it is rewarding to hand someone a piece of jewelry he was able to repair or craft for them and see the joy in their expression.

In closing, Rasmussen said “it’s metallurgy, just on a really expensive and beautiful metal. At the end of the day if your hands are dirty, they’re covered in gold.”

Rasmussen & Co. is located at 654 North, 800 East, in Spanish Fork. It was recently voted jeweler of the year by Utah Valley Magazine. (Davis is the editor of Serve Daily.)

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