Spring Creek Mechanical focuses on clean, comfortable air

Brent Harvey is no stranger to hard work. As a young man he would go out with his father to work on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The only pause in his HVAC career was for a two-year period when he was nineteen. Since coming home, he has helped many HVAC businesses excel in sales. 

Brent Harvey and his wife Sara Harvey of 28 years have been in the HVAC business for over 30 years while raising their family. Together, they formed Spring Creek Mechanical in 2015, and have seven employees including five of their sons, a daughter, and a daughter-in-law. Each has learned the HVAC business while working with their father through the years. It might be said that Air Conditioning runs in their blood.

Not only is it important for Brent and Sara to ensure that the homes they service have clean air running through the vents, but they know firsthand how important it is to  create a healthy environment in the home. According to the Harvey’s three of their children have experienced allergies that have caused difficulty breathing. 

The company operates on the motto that “clean, comfortable air is for everyone,” while focusing their specific business on replacing HVAC systems in existing homes.

Five Star review by Julie Knudson Doughtery, “My mind was blown by the honest and caring customer service I got,” Julie Knudson Dougherty wrote in a recent five star review. “I have been frustrated with the air flow out of my registers. I decided my last resort would be the air duct cleaning. But instead of doing the work they listened to my issues and decided it would be best to send a technician who specializes in my system. … . Thank you for everything! I recommend this company and 150% use them again.”

For more information, contact 801-367-3200 or go to springcreekheating.com.

John Chase
John Chase
John Chase is a retired Master Navigator settling in Utah after a 22-year career in the United States Air Force. He spent his last four years working from an Embassy in the Middle East. Working with and leading people from all over the world has given him perspective and acceptance of the variety of cultures existing in the world. He lives with his wife and near family.

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